Attracting Foreign Investors

Attracting Private Equity and Foreign Direct Investment

Since 2005 the China Hand Consulting has been working with Chinese investors, the China Investment Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, national associations and partners at the provincial and city levels to promote, and support, Chinese investment in overseas markets. We have worked with international locations on investment promotion events, materials and long-term engagements to bring pre-screened investors to their markets. 


Green Field Investments

We work actively with Chinese investors to find the best locations for their business. In doing so we work with investment locations to define their value proposition and then create messaging to communicate it to the investor audience. We either complete the logistics arrangements for the investor or accompany them on their visit to ensure continuity of the relationship.

If you are seeking international investors work with the firm that understands the value created by mutually beneficial, long term relationships. 


Equity Investments

Market values change, capital flows change and access to capital changes but your partner shouldn’t. We work with projects to identify investment profiles, language and marketing techniques that will attract capital. We then work closely with Chinese agencies, investment clubs, partnerships, associations and private equity firms to promote select, relevant overseas investment opportunities.

Contact us for more information about what our investment promotion services can do for your company, state, province, city or region!

To see more about what we have been doing please see news and media. 


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